Gianni De Chellis


Ana Bettz, Mark Harris, Alfredo Paixao, Maxx Furian, Paolo Giordano, Drupi, Hiram Bullock, Matt Bissonette, Maurizio Rolli, Dino Fiorenza

Gianni De Chellis of Lanciano, Italy, started playing guitar at age 11. He studied with Sandro Torlontano on classical guitar before moving on to electric. Gianni fine-tuned his training at the American Institute of Music (Vienna, Austria) from 1991 to 1993, under the tutelage of Les Wise, Waine Brasel, Todd Duane, Milan Polack and others.
In 1991, Gianni won Venice's Golden Lion award (leone d'oro di Venezia), taking first prize in the instrumental music category. He then became an established teacher and lecturer, and worked as session musician for local stars including Drupi, Ana Bettz, Mark Harris, Alfredo Paixao and Maxx Furian.
Gianni released several instructional DVDs: Playing in the Steve Vai style (2001), Whammy bar Techniques for Rock Guitar (2002), and Playing in the John Petrucci style (2003). In 2004, Gianni won first prize in the “Tribute to George Harrison” contest organized by Chitarre magazine.
In 1998, Gianni started an instrumental rock trio with Giuliano De Leonardis on bass and Carlo Porfilio on drums. The Gianni De Chellis Project band started off playing Vai and Satriani covers to get attention, but gradually introduced original pieces into the repertoire. This led to their first self-produced CD, La guerra dei sensi. Live work and positive reviews followed.  In 2006, Gianni released an instrumental solo album, "Favole per adulti" with special guests Hiram Bullock, Matt Bissonette, Maurizio Rolli and Dino Fiorenza.
Since 2005 he has played with the “ethno” music project  Anemame. In 2007, his trio opened for T.M. Stevens, he collaborated with Vhelade (from Piero Chiambretti’s TV show Markette), and joined Paolo Giordano on his album "Paolo Giordano plays Syd Barrett."
Gianni has collaborated for years with the Italian magazine Chitarre and currently writes a regular electric guitar technique column. Gianni owns and operates the Lizard School in Pescara, and teaches there as well. He also has Lizard schools in Fiesole, Porto San Giorgio and Ascoli, and is also a director and teacher at the Jimi Hendrix Academy in Lanciano.
Gianni will soon release a third CD, with special guests Gregg Bissonette (Santana, Steve Vai, Ringo Starr), Matt Bissonette (Joe Satriani, Ringo Starr, Peter Frampton), Damien Schmitt (Alain Caron, Frank Gambale), Lele Melotti (Ramazzotti, Zero, Baglioni, Daniele) and more.
"I’m using the Multiamp from almost two years", says Gianni, "and everytime I think I know its full potential I discover that I have much more to experience! Besides the updates that DV Mark does periodically, constantly improving the product, whenever it happens I switch between my guitars and try them on the Multiamp I hear the instrument’s  different own feeling and sound, also using the same stored preset. This is a feeling I have found on the tube amps, but not on products with modern technology until now… and that says a lot! Moreover, just like happen with the best tube amps, lowering the volume of the guitar you get a wide range of nuances that was unthinkable from this kind of equipment. At the end… let me simply say that I can't more give up on it, thanks Multiamp!"





Six years after his second album DV Mark artist Gianni De Chellis is proud to present BONDAGE, his new record.