Gambale Sweep Masters Competition.

DV Mark and Frank Gambale are proud to invite you to the:

How to participate:

         •          Download the contest folder with the Contest Release Form, the backing track and TAB for the song you wanna play between “MY LITTLE VIPER” and “LITTLE CHARMER”  by FRANK GAMBALE.

         •          Record yourself playing one of the the songs on video with a single camera, one take, live performance only with no edits.

         •          The video frame must show the entire performer, that is, the whole person and the whole guitar.

         •          No hand close-ups allowed.

         •          Send the video file, or a link to download it, together with all your contact details along with the fully filled-out Contest Release Form to

         •          Please put “GAMBALE SWEEP MASTERS COMPETITION" as the email subject.

That’s it! Frank Gambale himself will view all the video entries. The prize will be awarded to the best performance.

The prize is the same stage rig that Frank Gambale himself is currently using on a world tour with the Chick Corea Elektric Band and his group Soulmine;
One Multiamp FG, one DV FG212V cabinet, one Multiamp Midi Pedalboard and a Multiamp Bag!

Entries must be received by midnight Pacific Daylight Time July 31st to be eligible to win!

Don't miss this incredible chance to win Frank Gambale’s awesome DV Mark guitar rig!
We can't wait to watch your video entries. Good luck!
Fire up those Gambale Sweep Picking chops now for your chance to win this incredible competition, the GAMBALE SWEEP MASTERS COMPETITION hosted by DV Mark!

For inspiration, watch Frank’s own performance of “My Little Viper” and “Little Charmer” on Frank’s YouTube Channel “FGTV” here.