Corrado Rustici new album Interfulgent.

April 30, 2021, 10:45 a.m.


Interfulgent, is a latin word meaning “Shining through”.

Corrado describes this new work of his, as an artistic interpretation of a deep desire to transcend the socio-cultural darkness that surrounds us, with the help of new ideas, metaphorically represented, on the cover, by a luminous object… Harbinger of better times.

Musically, it’s a compositional effort to place the electric guitar into a more contemporary musical context.

The tunes are characterized by unique guitar sounds, created with the use of a signature pedal - that he developed - which gives his guitar an incredibly expressive voice.

The use of electronic sounds, together with his fusion/progressive/classical infused guitar playing, contribute to an evocative musical landscape, which he calls Transmodern.

The album features Alex Argento on keyboards.

Audio CD contains 10 songs:

  • Halo Drive
  • Night of the jackal
  • The man from Yorkshire (Dedicated to A.H.)
  • Black Swan
  • Anna
  • Interfulgent
  • Khetwadi Lane
  • ZuZu Blues
  • The waters of Enceladus
  • G. on a sunny day


Davide Carusone plays Super 70s by Andy Timmons

DV Mark rising star Davide Carusone plays a cover of Andy Timmons hit "Super 70s", using Mark Strings!!!

Corrado Rustici - Anna

This song features ┬ęSophia; Corrado Rustici's signature pedal by DV Mark. Subscribe to the Corrado Rustici YouTube Channel, if you like the music.

David Carusone plays "Mosaiko Rock"

Davide Carusone plays "Mosaiko Rock" by DV Mark artist ciro Manna, using his DV Multiamp.

SAD LIKE A GRASSHOPPER - Fabrizio Fedele (promo #3)

#3 - Small promotional video for the release of the new album

Mark World Artists for Italy.

This video is worth to be watched entirely as it features all the kind words and thoughts we received from our artists during this tough period. That gives us the strenght to go through it, thank you! Music is our life, the universal way to express ourselves! #markworldartistsforitaly

Greg Howe and DV Little GH 250 Tube

Here is Greg Howe himself playing and explaining his new signature amp features. The DV Little GH 250 Tube is the best portable, lightweight, great sounding, super powerful and versatile amp you can get today!

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