Guitar legend Frank Gambale interviewed by TopGuitar.

Sept. 19, 2017, 1:29 p.m.

Here some excerpts of Frank interview about DV Mark (translated in English):
"My first DV Mark amplifier has been developed for two years. These were my first two years with DV Mark, but in the end we decided to not putting it on the market. It was an analogue amplifier and we were watching how digital technology was becoming way more popular. And they were basically right at DV Mark. Currently, many amplifiers are modeled to get a good tone, they’re easy-to-use, software-based and you can easily update them. People from DV Mark have therefore stated that they are sampling the Amplitude amp we made and put these samples into Multiamp. That's how Multiamp FG was created. It features many amp models - you can find there all the typical sounds like Fender sound, Marshall, Mesa and so on. Of course, this amplifier, which we made earlier, is like the basic tone of this device. And that is exactly what I use to get my sound. I'm surprised it does not sound like a digital amp. People still like tube amplifiers, but I wouldn’t use them even if I had no deal to use a digital one. Digital devices are fantastic today. Sound quality is much better than ten years ago. They sound more natural and dynamic now. DV Mark means very modern technology delivering the best guitar tone in a digital way. Everything is moving on this direction."
(Top Guitar is a professional paper magazine and online information service for musicians)

Special Thanks to Poland's DV Mark distributor Konsbud-Audio.  



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