Guitarist Australia reviews the Markacoustic AC 101

Nov. 3, 2011, 7:11 a.m.

Guitarist Australia reviewed the Markacoustic AC101 in its October issue, and gave it 4.5 out of 5 stars!
Here are some highlights:

"The facilities are comprehensive for such a small package."

"The amp immediately came to life with a broad, even tone that offered as accurate a reproduction of the Maton’s tone as any PA system we’ve played though."

"In spite of the diminutive size ... the AC 101 produced a tight and focused bottom end that retained the guitar’s character without any excessive electronic compensation at the preamp."

"The treble frequencies jumped out without the shrill edge that many acoustic amps tend to produce, while the mids--the critical frequencies--were delivered with plenty of life and no compression."

"Soloing lines pop right out with body, presence and a natural woodiness while rhythm parts are big, round and percussive."

"We loved ...that ...VPF knob. Moving the mid frequency around gave us so many cool sounds, and allowed us to tune in just right on the characteristics of each instrument – including a mandolin and a banjo."

"The tweeter adds a fantastic zing to extended chords and Wes-type octaves."

"It’s a superbly made piece of gear."    

"Produces oodles of volume without sacrificing tone."

"It has the kind of tonal scope and room-filling output that professionals would expect and the Markacoustic folks have wrapped all of this in a versatile, simple-to-operate package."

"A go-anywhere workhorse for the player who wants the real thing."



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