Multiamp New Firmware 5.1

Nov. 24, 2016, 1:48 p.m.
Here are the upgrade details:

- A new amplifier simulation based on the DV Mark best seller acoustic amp AC101.
The need to have an acoustic amp emulation is really important for all those acoustic players wanting to use the amazing Multiamp effects palette with the opportunity to choose between going direct to the PA or into a guitar cabinet. Also electric guitar player can now connect their acoustic output straight into the Multiamp, so they don't need any DI box or extra channel on the console to manage the acoustic guitar.
All the AC101 features have been meticulously modeled and of course the Anti-feedback feature is included as well and it's placed on the Presence control knob. Its range works from 45 to 350Hz and it's automatically excluded when the knob is all counter-clockwise.

- The Tuner is now easier to engage from the Multiamp front panel.
Pressing and holding the Speaker control key it will be engaged, then it's possible to exit the Tuner function pressing Speaker or Exit key. A direct Tuner access is really useful especially during recording session where a musician must check the instrument tuning before tracking any take. This new features eliminates the need to move on the System menu to turn the Tuner on.

- Now it's possible to set the Tuner calibration from 430Hz to 450Hz.
This allows to match any situation where the musician could be asked to adapt to other instruments using slightly different tuning reference frequency. One typical example is Classical music, where the tuning frequency is often 432Hz. This reference frequency is also often used with acoustic music and there's a theory about the interconnection of the earth vibrations and physiological DNA process that work both in the same frequency. So this seems to be a more natural frequency to tune our instrument in order to be synchronized with other natural rhythms.

- A new global 7 bands equalizer has been added in the System Menu.
It will allow to modify the overall eq to adapt to different recording rooms, venues, stages, cabinets, studio preamps, any reason why we could need to have a global eq change, without having to modify the single presets.
This is a major feature every pro musician will appreciate as a global equalizer is something that happens to use more often than we think.
The frequencies we can cut or boost are 100Hz, 200Hz, 400Hz, 800Hz, 1600Hz, 3200Hz and 6400Hz, offering a pretty wide range to move our Tone eq wherever we need to match every single situation.

This new Multiamp 5.1 Firmware Update is another step of our constant R&D process on this amazing product offering to guitar players new features and improvements they really need. While releasing this new update, we're already working hard on Multiamp's project, so stay tuned and keep rocking!!! 

Please read all the instructions carefully before downloading and installing the Firmware Update on your Multiamp >>> CLICK HERE

>>> DOWNLOAD IT NOW… IT’S FREE!!! <<< (debug version March 2017)





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