Paul Nelson upcoming tour!

April 27, 2017, 3:59 p.m.

Here are the tour dates:
May 05 - Hughs Room - Toronto, Canada
May 06 - Peter’s Players - Gravenhurst, Canada
May 20 - Columbia Kettle Works - Columbia, PA
May 28 - Milford Performance Center - Milford, CT
May 31 - Brooklyn Bowl - Brooklyn, NY
Jun 02 - Newton City Hall - Newton, MA
Jun 04 - The Loft - West Yarmouth, MA
Jul 04 - Rotary Gazebo - Mainstee, MI
Jul 05 - Gull Landing - Pentwater, MI
Jul 06 - Rotary Pavilion - Cadillac, MI
Jul 07 - Crossroads Showcase - Reed City, MI
Jul 08 - Wenger Pavilion - Baldwin, MI
Jul 09 - Gull Landing - Pentwater, MI
Jul 20 - Blues World International Festival - Montreal, Canada
Jul 22 - Blues World International Festival - Montreal, Canada
Aug 05 - Stratford Blues Fest - Stafford Springs, CT
Aug 12 - Waukesha Blues Fest - Delafield, WI
Aug 23 - Melody Tent - Hyannis, MA
Sep 08 - Somers Point Beach Concert Series - Somers Point, NJ
Sep 09 - Johnny Winter All-Star Power Trio - Philadelphia, PA
Sep 30 - Black Eyed Sallys - Hartford, CT
Oct 25 - Zoo Bar - Lincoln, NE
Oct 26 - Chrome Lounge - Omaha, NE
Oct 28 - The Washington - Burlington, IA
Oct 29 - Byrons - Pomeroy, IA
Nov 08 - Country Store - Saint George, DE
Nov 17 - Arts Garage - Delray Beach, FL
Nov 18 - Porkie’s Roadhouse - Punta Gorda, FL

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Andrea Braido and DV Micro 50 II - Blues Improvisation

On this video DV Mark Artist Andrea Braido is improvising over a blues track using his DV Micro 50 II head on the Lead channel, using just a delay pedal in the FX Loop.

Andrea Braido - Lady Double Dealer

On this video the Italian guitar hero Andrea Braido plays Deep Purple classic song "Lady Double Dealer", using the DV Mark EVO1.

DV Mark artist WEN LIN - DV Micro 50 and Neoclassic 412

DV Mark artist WEN LIN demoing the DV Micro 50 head and Neoclassic 412 cabinet. Special thanks to our distributor Parsons Music.

Luca Mantovanelli jazzin' on DV Raw Dawg EG

On this video DV Mark Artist Luca Mantovanelli improvises on a jazz track using the DV Raw Dawg EG head.

Eric Gales plays DV Little Guitar

Here is Eric Gales testing the DV Mark DV Little Guitar F1. This portable instrument features everything you wanna find in a professional guitar and you can easily use it from your couch to your biggest stage! Everything is run into Eric signature amp, the DV Raw Dawg EG.

Luca Mantovanelli plays all the DV Micro 50 head models in 3 minutes!

On this video DV Mark artist Luca Mantovanelli plays all the DV Micro 50 head models (DV Micro 50 II, DV Micro 50 CMT, DV Micro 50 Jazz and DV Micro 50 M) testing all their channels...everything in just 3 minutes!

Ciro Manna band X1 live session

DV Mark artist Ciro Manna plays ‘X1’ (from XY cd 2015) with his band fet. Antonio Muto on drums and Marco Galiero on bass. Live @ Magazzini Fermi - Aversa.

Finaz - "Tango" with AC801P

On this video Finaz from Bandabardò plays a solo guitar song titled "Tango" using his AC801P amp where he used both the XLR direct Output and a mic in front of it.

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