The DV ‘Raw Dawg’ EG gets a 9/10 from The Guitar Magazine.

Oct. 10, 2018, 10:34 a.m.

Here their verdict:

  • + Absolutely impeccable big, bold, clean tones 
  • + Compact and pratically wightless
  • + Really nice onboard reverb
  • + An excellent pedal platform
  • - A little bit of crunch would have been nice


Here the video demo of DV 'Raw Dawg' EG and DV Micro 50 CMT heads.



Eric Gales - I want my Crown (Feat. Joe Bonamassa) - Official Music Video

DV Mark top-artist Eric Gales new single "I Want my Crown" featuring Joe Bonamassa.

CONTINUUM - Fabrizio Fedele plays Jaco Pastorius

DV Mark artist Fabrizio Fedele - nice transcription of one of his favorite tune ever: CONTINUUM by Jaco Pastorius. Fabrizio Fedele / classical guitar Recording @ Cellar Studio di Fabrizio Fedele

Davide Carusone plays Super 70s by Andy Timmons

DV Mark rising star Davide Carusone plays a cover of Andy Timmons hit "Super 70s", using Mark Strings!!!

Corrado Rustici - Anna

This song features ©Sophia; Corrado Rustici's signature pedal by DV Mark. Subscribe to the Corrado Rustici YouTube Channel, if you like the music.

David Carusone plays "Mosaiko Rock"

Davide Carusone plays "Mosaiko Rock" by DV Mark artist ciro Manna, using his DV Multiamp.

SAD LIKE A GRASSHOPPER - Fabrizio Fedele (promo #3)

#3 - Small promotional video for the release of the new album

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