Top Guitar reviews the DV Mark EVO 1.

March 8, 2018, 2:29 p.m.

Here some excerpts (translated from Polish):

Phew... It's time to cool down and collect thoughts after a very pleasant adventure with EVO 1.
With such a good equipment, the summary comes easily. We are dealing here with a head, which has a great appearance, simple operation, a dedicated application (which further facilitates work with the amplifier), two channels with independent control, and two things that are equally important in this particular case - dimensions and sound.
Would EVO 1 be an interesting amplifier if its weight and dimensions were bigger? Certainly yes.
Is EVO 1 without all its tonal possibilities, but hidden in the same "package" would still be an interesting head? Again, you have to admit that, yes.
In this way, it's easy to imagine that EVO 1 has everything you need for happiness for many guitarists nowadays - versatility, advanced editing given in a simple way, excellent sound quality and irreplaceable convenience in transport.
Each guitarist who is ready to "slim down" his guitar arsenal, gets from DV Mark a proposal almost impossible to refuse and certainly worth a deeper analysis. It must be admitted that the rEVOlution continues…

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