DVM Compressore

The DVM COMPRESSORE is a state-of-the-art tube compression tool.
DVM COMPRESSORE (we chose an Italian name to express how proud we are to manufacture all our products in Italy) is a high-quality tube compressor that features all the individual controls normally found on professional studio outboard compressors: gain, threshold, ratio, attack, release and volume.

The pedal’s featured ECC 81 tube compresses your signal, evening out the sharp peaks of your playing in a natural, transparent way. At the same time, it also adds warmth and harmonics to your sound.

Input Impedance: 300 Kohm

Gain: 0 ÷ +16dB

Threshold: 30mVp ÷ 1,8Vp

Ratio: 1:1 ÷ 1:∞ (hard limiter)

Attack: 2 ÷ 50 ms

Release: 100 ÷ 750 ms

Output Impedance: 100 ohm

Power Requirements DC input:
+12VDC 600mA

Tube: 1 x ECC 81

170 x 145 x 60 mm / 6.7” x 5.7” x 2.4”

Weight: 750 gr / 1.66 lbs

Product specifications are subject to change without notice








"A portable, professional-quality compressor, made in Italy, with a tube circuit and numerous controls."