The MULTIAMP is one of the most powerful all-in-one preamp/effects processor/power amps ever produced! It features everything a guitar player needs: three fully programmable channels (clean/crunch/lead), and a vast array of virtual amps, speaker cabs and microphones, studio effects, powerful stereo power amp and tuner.
It is a great feat of technology, and a very user-friendly creative tool.
Thanks to its cabinet and microphone emulation plus amp simulator and effects, it offers incredible flexibility.
We've still managed to create a user-friendly interface which makes it very easy to use, and you can store all your favourite presets for stage and/or studio.
The MULTIAMP has a powerful 150+150W@8ohm, 250W+250W@4ohm or 500W@8ohm (in bridge mode) power amp, that makes its amps and effects sound great at any volume!

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MULTIAMP's state-of-the-art design allows for continual expansion... our team will continue to work hard to periodically release new firmware updates, new items, and more and more useful and exciting tones and effects.
We want only the BEST for our customers!

The MULTIAMP MIDI PEDALBOARD is a powerful tool designed to have a complete and easy control of the Multiamp; it can also be customized for your gear requirements!!!

The MULTIAMP takes up two standard 19" rack units, and weighs only 9.48 lbs / 4.3 kg. Its rack ears are removable so it's perfectly portable and the MULTIAMP BAG (optional) allows you to transport your MULTIAMP in a knapsack and then keep the amp in the bag during use!




Input: 1 jack mono

2 jack mono (left/mono,right) / 2 XLR male (left/mono,right)

three (clean, crunch, lead)

: gain - presence - level - master

EQ Controls: bass - mid - high 

Power Amp (solid state): 150+150W@8ohm / 250W+250W@4ohm / 500W@8ohm (in bridge mode)

MIDI connections
: in - through

Other features:
virtual amps
speaker cabs and microphones
external memory (SD card*)
* SD Card FAT 32 format, max 8Gb

: 2U standard rack - depth 12.76”/324 mm

9.48 lbs / 4.3 kg

DV Mark amps/combos are manufactured to be sold and used in the country of purchase, and they are factory preset to that country’s voltage.
Due to homologation issues, the voltage may not be changed.

Product specifications are subject to change without notice 








Marco Sfogli, Italian guitar hero playing on James Labrie solo albums, is gonna perform in a clinic on March 9th at 6:30 PM Italian time at DV Mark headquarters in San Giovanni Teatino, Italy.

The top class guitar hero from Brazil is now using the Multiamp, our state of the art All in One Amp, Multieffect and Power Amp device.

We're proud to announce the release of our Multiamp new firmware update 5.1!
This new firmware includes some important key features representing another step ahead for this state of the art All-In-One amp by DV Mark.

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Starting Oct. 25th in Glogow (PL), DV Mark top-artist Dean Brown will be in tour in Europe with his band, feat. Linley Marthe, Bernard Maseli, Marvin Smitty Smith and Mateusz Pliniewicz.

Important update & HUGE announcement from DV Mark Top-Artist FRANK GAMBALE on the upcoming 'Frank Gambale Online Guitar School' launch and how to get updates of the Early-Bird registration!

Multiamp's Ambassador FEDERICO RIVA created a series of custom presets, inspired by tones of Epic Guitar Heroes... FREE DOWNLOAD!

Multiamp User Presets by Dave Foster - FREE DOWNLOAD!!!

Multiamp User Presets by Chicco Gussoni - FREE DOWNLOAD!!!

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