C 212 Standard

Marco De Virgiliis created a revolution in bass speaker cabinets when he started using neodymium speakers, making cabs about half the weight they were before. All other manufacturers have followed suit and neodymium is now the new normal. Bass players will never look back. But guitarists have become understandably jealous, and it’s about time they enjoyed lighter gear. Tone and reliability are the top priorities. But light weight is a very welcome bonus!

The C 212 Standard sets a new “Standard” in the 2x12 world. It features two of our proprietary neodymium-magnet speakers, plus Italian poplar tone-wood. With 300 watts capability it can handle any DV Mark tube head, including the Triple 6 and Bad Boy 120.

Its low-profile, open-back designcoupled with the neo speakersproduces a rich midrange with clear highs and a full bottom end.

At 10.3 kg/22.7 lbs, it may be the lightest 2x12 cabinet available today!

SPEAKER SIZE: 2x12” Neodymium DV Mark Custom
IMPEDANCE: 8 ohms (mono) or 2x 16 ohms (stereo)*,
CABINET: open back
WIDTH: 706 mm / 27.8"
HEIGHT: 432 mm / 17.01"
DEPTH: 309 mm / 12.17"
WEIGHT: 10.3 kg / 22.7 lbs

*As of June, 2011, the impedance of this cabinet is 8 ohms. (prevoius version was 4ohm)
To check the impedance of your cabinet, please check the technical information included on the label on the rear side of your cabinet.

Product specifications are subject to change without notice








"The whole design of this amplifier is unique, musical and user friendly... the perfect working man’s amp for Jazz to Rock styles"

"It is not very often a debuting tube guitar amp brand jumps straight onto a level unattainable for average companies.”

“All classes and categories of amps in a single head... Organic and delicious vintage sounds... A lightweight head and cab for a massive sound"