Endorsement Policy

We’re always happy to hear from musician all over the world using our Markbass amplifiers!
We have a great artist roster and we’re always willing to take into consideration new musicians we can start to collaborate to.

That said, there are some requirements an artist must follow to be officially endorsed by Markbass, so we like to list them in order to let all artists around the world know what they need to provide to be taken into consideration:
– a record label contract with a regular touring activity
– record label must send us an EPK (Electronic Press Kit) featuring all the artist main activities and details. We’re sorry but we don’t check websites to find what we need to know, so please let us have your bio, most vivere videos, social network pages links, etc
– mainstream TV shows appearances
– other main brands endorsement contracts with the brand holder, not with local distributors
– a huge and effective social networks focus with a detailed report of views and interactions 
– we think our artist must love Markbass products, so we prefer dealing with musicians that are already using Markbass as their regular gear.

Please send your EPKs to: riccardo@dvmark.it

If you don’t match the request above but you think you have a good exposure in your country, you can contact our local distributor in Dealers section.
We’re always happy to give support through our distributors and to share their contents on our pages as well.

We receive daily endorsement requests and we check all of them, but we can’t reply to everybody, so we come back to you only if we’re interested in your profile.
So please don’t send multiple requests as we surely checked the first one already.

Not having an endorsement contract doesn’t mean you’re a bad musician.
This is something related to a huge exposure, but we love and respect every single Markbass owner or supporter!

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