Acid Hamelin, La Raza, MUMA, Alec Marambio Trio, Zen, Pochi Marambio & Tierra Sur, Miki Gonzales, La Liga del Sueño, Pelo Madueño, Jazz Jaus Big Band, Joscha Oetz Sextet…

Alec Marambio born in Lima-Peru in 1975, began his musical career as a guitar player at age 18. He studied guitar with one of the best Peruvian guitarists, Andres Prado.
Alec is a versatile guitar player who has recorded, performed and toured withwell-known national artists, in many different styles including rock, reggae, funk, jazz, fusion, experimental and Afro-peruvian music.
In 2001 he attended master lessons on jazz improvisation with David “Fuze” Fiuczynski in Brooklyn, NY, and years later he also took private lessons with Brad Shepik, David Gilmore (Lost Tribe) and Oz Noy.
He has been a member and performed with bands like Zen (Peruvian best rock band nominated by MTV for the award of Best New Central American Artist), Pochi Marambio & Tierra Sur, Miki Gonzales, La Liga del Sueño, Pelo Madueño, Jazz Jaus Big Band, Joscha Oetz Sextet, among others. 
He formed Acid Hamelin, La Raza, MUMA and the Alec Marambio Trio.
Since 1996 he has been giving private electric guitar lessons and is currently working as a music teacher in Pestalozzi School in Lima.  
Alec is also a professor of the College of Music at Pontifical Catholic University of Peru.  He has made music for various TV series in Peru.
At this time, he is developing a new sound with his custom Double Neck Fretted – Fretless Guitar for jazz fusion projects. 
He likes to improvise and explore in his compositions Afro-peruvian rhythms, odd times, exotic scales and ambience effects. Alec is currently working on his first solo album.

"DV Mark is the perfect match for my versatile live performances!" – says Alec – "The Triple Six III amp is killer for heavy rock shows and the Little Jazz has got a warm and beautiful tone that is tasteful enough for jazz and fusion gigs. And the best part: They are unbelievably light and easy to carry!"


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