Featured on Fridays, Ira Sullivan, Joe Diorio, Simon Salz, Nestor Torres, Bobby Blotzer, Guthrie Govan, Ron Thal

Brev Sullivan is a Miami-based guitarist proficient in multiple genres. He is the guitarist for Featured On Fridays (FOF), a progressive rock group with an avant-garde twist that combines jazz, blues, metal, rock & finger-style picking. He also tours seasonally with Grammy-nominated jazz legend, Ira Sullivan, and is currently recording and producing Ira's next CD. Brev is also an instructor at the Miami School of rock and conducts rock and jazz camps at the prestigious University of Miami. Brev has performed at jazz and rock festivals around the country and played with jazz legends Joe Diorio, Simon Salz and Nestor Torres, as well as rock legends Bobby Blotzer (Ratt, Black Sabbath), Guthrie Govan, and Ron Thal/Bumblefoot (Guns N' Roses). Brev's session work and guest solos include a track from Spastic Ink's Ron Jarzombek on Fractured Dimension's CD.

"DV Mark Guitar amps are truly a sonic marvel, considering they can produce a ton of sound but weigh only a fraction of what my old heavy amps weigh." says Brev. "They have amazing tone, pack a powerful punch and can cover all styles of my music. My hands and guitar are happier than ever!"

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