Cristiano Bertini in 1995 meets Italo De Angelis, he studied for the next four years under his leadership, and at the end of this experience, decides to enrich his knowledge in the States. He spent a year in Los Angeles, when deepened his studies with lectures and seminars by musicians of proven Quality as Scott Henderson, Pat Martino, Jennifer Batten, Brett Garsed, George Lynch, Steve Vai, Tuck Andress, Barrett Tagliarino, John Stowell, Don Mock.
After these effective and valuable experience, began his career as a session musician that sees him alongside the artists like Gitano, Paolo Belli, Viola Valentino, Antonella Bucci, Oro.
He is a fixed element of the ORO band, participating in both the live performances and in the studio works.
In parallel to this activity recorded his first solo album: Overflower, a job that lies halfway between Jimi Hendrix, shred and Fusion. 
The making of the album led him later to collaborate with different international artists including Eric Martin, Richie Kotzen, Pat Torpey.
Between 2007 and 2009 he took part in various national events, Guitar Day 2.3, 4 and Guitar Fest where he performs with the best Italian guitarists including
Varini, Colombo, Bicio, Gottardo and many others, offering songs from his fusion repertoire.
Besides being a musician who still plays, he is committed to educational level as a lecturer and trainer for the vocational school "Paese della musica", in the headquarters of Pescara  in the departement "Casa del chitarrista" as national supervisor of the segment shred / fusion, managing the teaching method to be used and the preparation of teachers of other offices located on the italian territory .
He is currently recording his second album. Live exibitions continues intensively, as well as with ORO, with several bands, both local and national .
Cristiano is also promoting the project CRIS BERTINI Band, where he performs songs he composed and arranged in a band formed by Emanuele Ciampichetti on bass, Carlo Porfilio on drums and Angelo Trabucco on Piano .
In 2011 composed and recorded the original music of the short film CONTENITORI, produced by Ro Film Lab directed by Antonio Forte . 

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