Drupi, Tony di Munno, Fiordaliso, Odissea, Studio, Rithmia, Vincenzo De Ritis, Spirito Di Vino, Zingari Felici.

Diego De Luca fell in love with the guitar at the age of 8, trying to copy his father’s playing.  At first he taught himself, but as he became more serious he studied more and more with teachers, including Giacomo Raimondo and Roberto Di Virgilio.

Diego has performed with many local bands, including Odissea, Studio and Rithmia. From 2003 to 2005 he toured Europe with Drupi, also appearing on many TV shows such as “Domenica In” on RAI 1, "Mattina in Famiglia" on RAI 2, "Premio Rino Gaetano" on RAI 2, “Video Italia”, and "Serata Con”.
Diego toured in Ireland with singer Tony Di Munno, voice of the Australian band Men at Work. In 2011 he recorded the guitars on Fiordaliso’s single "Sordi".

Currently, Diego is busy with many musical projects, including Vincenzo De Ritis, (Galliano-Astor Piazzola-Fancelli-Pascal…etc), Spirito Di Vino (Zucchero tribute band), and Zingari Felici.

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