Osanna, Balletto Di Bronzo, David Jackson (Van Der Graaf Generetor), David Cross (King Crimson), T.M. Stevens, Phil Palmer, Dean Bowman…

Fabrizio was born in Naples in April 1971.
After his classical studies at the Conservatory in Benevento he played in various bands on many stages in all Italian clubs.

From '97 he started collaborating live and studio with some national artists including Alberto Cheli (Schola Cantorum), Aleandro Baldi, Carlo Mey Famularo (Un Posto Al Sole – RAI3), Gigi Finizio, Tullio De Piscopo, OMM (Multiethnic Mediterranean Orchestra ), Valentina Parisse, Foja, The Collettivo, Capone Bungt Bangt, Brunella Selo, Elisabetta Serio, Roberto Giangrande, and internationals ones like Phil Palmer, Dean Bowman, Renzo Spiteri and many others.

He also writes theater and short movies soundtracks for Universal, Media Aetas, Controteatro, Sine Lex, Sol del Sur.

From 2006 to 2011 Fabrizio has been part of the band Osanna and he recorded the single L’Uomo, a double vinyl entitled Prog Family,  a vinyl named Live At Club Città – Tokyo. He also had the opportunity to work, on stage and in studio, with a swarm of adolescent myths like David Jackson (Van Der Graaf Generator), David Cross (King Crimson), TM Stevens (Steve Vai), Gianni Leone (Balletto di Bronzo), Ritchie Kotzen and many others and toured with them for 6 years, traveling in many countries. In 2010 he recorded Pog Exhibition, a box of 4 DVDs and 7 CDs with the biggest names of the Italian and international prog-music: PFM above all.

Between Jupiter and Mars (Rainbow/Cellar Studio), first vinyl under his name, showcased on November 25th 2017.

In April 2018 he also released a DVD + digital CD entitled ON AIR: live session (Rainbow) that testifies the evidence of the vinyl recording and is also a live-in-studio that traces a big part of Fabrizio’s recording career.

In 2019 three brand new productions as an author, producer and leader: AzAzA ÑaÑa with the cd Nobody Knows The Real Story (NoVoices Records), 13 Petites Compositions – entirely composed for classical guitar, and MisSara & Fedele with the album Tra Milioni di Suoni (80055 Records). November 2020 drops out Addicted to Different Monsters for the french label Elison Musique. Rubble Walls (Cellar Studio) is his second album written for solo calssical guitar.

September 23, 2021 drops out on Prime Video the movie Napulione which Fabrizio wrote the soundtrack.

• As artistic producer, he worked for:
The Collettivo [cd "Modern By Contract" (Materia Principale – 2012)], Foja [cd "'Na Storia Nova" (Materia Principale – 2010) / cd "Tu Me Accire" (Materia Principale – 2012) / vinyl "Astrigneme Chiù Forte" (Full Heads – 2015)], Marco Francini [cd – Cellar Studio – 2015], Marco De Vita [cd "Parliamone" (Cellar Studio – 2016)], Nicolò Annibale [cd "Ce voglio credere "(Europhone Records – 2016)], Andrea Pisano [ep -" Cascarci Dentro "(Cellar Studio – 2018)], Andrea Cioffi [ep -" Senza Chiù Malincunia "(Cellar Studio – 2018)], Ninni cd – “JE VULESSE” (Materia Principale – 2021)], Sabba [cd – “Il pentimento del numero 2” (Cellar Studio – 2021)], Stefania Fiorillo [cd – “Ad un passo da te” (Cellar Studio – 2021)], etc… 

• As teacher he published:
Elementi Funzionali per Chitarra Moderna Vol. 1 (Wakepress ed. – apr. 2018)
Elementi Funzionali per Chitarra Moderna Vol. 2 (Wakepress ed. – oct. 2018)
Six Petites Études – for classical and jazz guitar (Wakepress ed. – dec. 2018)
Sept Autres Petites Études – for classical guitar (Wakepress ed. – dec. 2019)
Rubble Walls – for classical guitar (Wakepress ed. – apr. 2021)

• Professor at CONSERVATORIO NICOLA SALA of Benevento Pop-Rock Guitar Class (Year 2020/21)
• Professor 
at SUOR ORSOLA BENINCASA UNIVERSITY – Musicology Laboratory together with Professor Michelangelo Iossa (Year 2021/22)

“I was shocked by that enchanting sound so much that I thought it was coming from multiple amplifiers."—says Fabrizio—"A perfect dynamic and unique sound that was perfectly tailored on me like a suit. I found my perfect amp!”



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