March 30th, 2017.
We sadly got the news our great artist and sweet person Fausto Mesolella passed away today.
We’re gonna miss him and his music so much!
Rest in peace dear friend…

Italian guitarist, composer, arranger and producer FAUSTO MESOLELLA took up guitar at age 12,  playing everyday from during the hour of refreshment permitted in the boarding school which he attended for many years.
On August 1968 Fausto made his debut at wedding party with his first band “I Condor” which broke up after a couple of years, followed for a short time with a new band called “Coronilla Varia”.
On 1970 started a new band “La Prima Pagina” with whom he played incessantly any kind of gigs, taking advantage of any occasion to enrich his training and knowledge of the stage as musician.
From 1974 to 1975 Fausto is part of the orchestra of Augusto Martelli and on 1976 he worked as a sound engineer and music producer at Tirrena Olimpya record.
In 1978 he formed the trio “I Mediterranea” with which he recorded the album “Exception Rock”, distributed not only in Italy but also in Japan (who knows why).
With “I Mediterranea”, in addition to concerts, he accompanies on tour the singer Umberto Napolitano, arranging  his song  for the Festival of Sanremo in 1981.
From 1983 to 1986 he worked at his own studio recording,  making arrangements and productions for various Italian artists.
On January 1986 Fausto started to play with his new group “Piccola Orchestra Avion Travel”, and on 1987 they won the first edition of Sanremo Rock.
From 1992 to 1994 Fausto tours in Italy with the band of Paolo Belli.
Finding time between many concerts and records with the Avion Travel he formed also the Nada Trio.
At Sanremo Festival 1998 with “Dormi e sogna” the Avion Travel won the critics award, the award for best arrangement and for the best song… and two years later, in 2000, they won the 50th edition of the Festival of Sanremo with the song “Sentimento” which also won the award for best arrangement.
Same year Mesolella produces “La rosa dei venti” the first album of Neapolitan singer Alessio Bonomo.
On 2001 he produces  “L’amore è fortissimo e il corpo no” of the singer Nada, collaborating with Claudio Coccoluto and Pasquale Minieri on the realization of the album. In the same year Fausto composed a song called “Si voltò” for the album “Cieli di Toscana” by Andrea Bocelli  playing also the guitar solo in the song “L’incontro”, with Bono of the U2 as narrator.
In the summer of 2002 he worked on the new album of Avion Travel and collaborated to the album of Samuele Bersani.
January 2003 he began working on the album by Patrizia Laquidara (winner of the TV ” Destinazione San Remo”), writing the song “Le rose”.
In March of the same year he produces also the Giorgio Conte’s album and in April, released the last album of the Piccola Orchestra Avion Travel “Poco mossi gli altri bacini”.
August 2004 Fausto wrote “Na stella” for the album “Altre latitudini” of Gian Maria Testa.
In 2005 he published the audiobook “I piaceri dell’orso” by Zona Publishing, and same year he’s the guitarist in the album of Gianna Nannini.
In 2007 he was the artistic producer of the album “Danson Metropolis” of the Avion Travel, with the direction of Paolo Conte. The album received the “Golden Disc” just after few weeks it was released, and it won Lunezia prize as Best Italian album.
Fausto composed the soundtrack of the movie “Lascia perdere Jonny” directed by Fabrizio Bentivoglio, inspired by some episodes of his life as a musician… for which he received the Ennio Morricone prize for best composer at Italia Film Festival in Rome on December 2007.
Still on 2007, Fausto wrote and produced “Il Villaggio Del Cuore” song for the new album Barbara Eramo, “Il messaggio” for the French album of Cristina Morocco and recorded the guitars for the first album of Maria Giua.
April 2008 Mesolella received the David di Donatello nomination for the film ” Lascia perdere Jonny ” and won the “Ciak d’Oro” for the best soundtrack.
On January of 2009 he’s on tour with Rita Marcotulli with a project dedicated to the “Pink Floyd”,  the CD of the concert is included with the issue of “L’Espresso” weekly magazine.
The new album “L’Amico Magico” of Avion Travel, produced by Fausto and recorded with the orchestra sinfonica Camerata Ducale di Vercelli for the label “Sugar” was released on October 2009.
December 2009, he received for the second time the “Matteo Salvatore” Award  for the production of the show “Un pugliese a Roma” inspired by the songs of Matteo Salvatore.
In January 2010 Mesolella starts working on  the soundtrack of the 1924 silent movie “Il ladro di Bagdad” which comes out with the editorial “L’Espresso”.
In September of 2010, he is the author of the soundtrack of the movie “Into Paradise” directed by Paola Randi, the movie was in competition at the Venezia Film Festival and for which Fausto receives the second nomination for the David di Donatello.
The album “L ‘Amico Magico” received the prize Tenco 2010 as the best record in the Italian interpreters section.
Mesolella wrote the song “Se veramente Dio esisti” for Fiorella Mannoia, receiving the Tenco 2010 prize in the “musica dei suoni” section. He continued his activities as author writing the song “Tre Colori” for Tricarico, presented at Sanremo Festival 2011.
On April 2012 Fausto released his first solo album as guitarist “Suonerò Fino a Farti Fiorire” and the DVD of the live concert for guitar.
Again at Sanremo Festival 2013 with the song “E’ colpa mia” composed for the Neapolitan singer Maria Nazionale, and in the summer he’s on tour with the singer Alessandro Mannarino with the show “Corde”.
October 2013 he’s for the ninth year the Artistic Director of “Bianca Daponte” award, escusively dedicated to female songwriters, taking part to the Premio Tenco with the show “Piccole storie dietro le canzoni per gli altri”.
In December 2013 he released “Live at Alcatraz”, recorded live at the “Libera università di Alcatraz” in Santa Cristina di Gubbio.
May 2014 Fausto released the CD “Dago Red” in duo with Raiz, historical voice of Alma Megretta. The album won the Targa Tenco in the performers category.
March 2105 in Barcelona (Spain) Fausto received the aspired prize “Amilcare Rambaldi 2015” and on  April 2015 he released the recording project “CantoStefano” Fausto Mesolella sings Stefano Benni, by the record label “Suoni dall’Italia” by Mariella Nava.
On July 2015 he received the Bindi award for the Artigiani della Musica section.

“Thanks to Marco De Virgiliis for having beautified the sound of my guitar!”

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