Gino & Joe Vannelli, Peter Erskine, Alain Caron and Sheila E, Tom Brechtlein, Oscar Cartaya, Lisa Hunt, Miroslav Vitous, Airto Moreira

Multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Gianluca Mosole was recognized as a prodigy at a very young age. He won a guitar competition at the age of 16 and was signed to Fonit Cetra records. He formed his own original band, and at age 20 released his first album entitled “After Rain,” entirely composed and produced by him. His style is unique, partly because he plays a standard guitar left- handed, with the strings “upside down.”

His biggest inspirations are George Benson, Larry Carlton and Pat Metheny. In 1985 he signed with Polygram records and recorded his second album "Eartheart," with guest Nana Vasconcelos on percussion. His album "Tepore" featured special guests Miroslav Vitous on bass, Airto Moreira on drums and percussion and Hiram Bullock on guitar and vocals. On the vocal fusion album entitled "Open streets" Mosole featured the young singer-songwriter Manuela Panizzo. In 1991 he released the album "Magazine" on Prestige records featuring Tom Brechtlein on drums, Oscar Cartaya on bass, and Lisa Hunt on vocals. Between 1983 and 1992 Gianluca toured Europe opening for Miles Davis, Al DiMeola, Paul Motian and Bill Frisell.

In 2005 Mosole visited the US where for concerts at the Rochester Jazz Festival and recording sessions with Cece Rogers. In 2005 he performed with Gino & Joe Vannelli, Peter Erskine, Alain Caron and Sheila E for the “Padre Pio” DVD for BMG records. At the moment, Mosole is living and working in Italy, and his brand new album "NO title" features Cece Rogers, Moony and Manuela Panizzo on vocals.

"After trying the amp both live and in studio, what impressed me most was the verstility," says Gianluca. "The sound has a good presence, and the option to control the tube power with the Continuous Power Control is really the feature that makes the difference. Thanks to this innovation, it’s possible to make the most of the power tubes' potential, obtaining such classic smooth sounds–focused, but at the same time naturally distorted, like the classic tones in rock/grunge, blues and fusion. Fusion is my field, and with this amp it’s easily possible to sound like Larry Carlton, John Scofield or Scott Henderson, just to name a few."
"All things considered, the DV Mark series respects the tube amp tradition, but looks to the future with versatility and new added features. Now renowned UK and overseas brands will have to compete with this little 100% Made-in-Italy jewel."

Gianluca also says: "Without any doubt, I have finally found the ideal system to amplify my guitar and guitar synth interface. The Markacoustic AC 101 conveys all the harmonics of my virtual acoustic instrument sounds, as well as the PCM presets of electric pianos, Moogs, strings, etc. Although its weight and dimensions are so small, it's impressively dynamic, and−thanks also to the useful XLR output−it's perfect for every live situation. When trying it with a traditional semi-acoustic guitar, the result is always astonishingly clean, warm and defined. To sum up, although the AC 101 was created for acoustic instruments, it's also ideal for synth guitar, and using two of them allows you to amplify stereo sounds perfectly. I also obtain a fantastic, rounded jazz tone when I use it with my Gibson L5. Compliments once again to Marco and his whole staff, for creating such a versatile and true-sounding amp system."

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