John Stowell, Jeff Richman, Paul Bollenback, Sivan Rotem, Giovanni Lombardi, P. Esposito, Cathy Segal Garcia, Jack Wilkins, F. Pompeo, Fabio Mariani, Michele di Toro.

Giordano Criscenzo, born in Ortona on 1981, lives now in Pescara.  
Jazz guitarist with a huge background of live performing and teaching experience in all music styles: jazz, fusion, blues, rock, funky, to name a few.
He began studying classical guitar when he was only five years old.  During his training as a musician, Giordano attended advanced classes with guitar masters as Bireli Lagrene, Mike Stern, Joe Diorio, Roy Patterson, John Stowell, Scott Henderson, Steve Trovato, Jim Kelly, Paul Bollenback, and many more. At the same time he improved his skills attending classes at Berklee College of Music of Boston, Umbria Jazz festival in 2003 (30th anniversary), under the guidance of Rick Peckam and Jim Kelly, and attending Master Classes by Elvin Jones and Bobby Mc Ferrin.
He also combined classical music studies to contemporary music and graduated in theory and music theory at Conservatorio “Luisa D’Annunzio” in Pescara in 2004.
In 2002, he founded the "Music Center" school, one of the most advanced school in Europe according to many international musicians, where he still teaches contemporary guitar having among the students many pop musicians that work in the national circuit.
The school also held master classes with world-renowned musicians such as Rotem Sivan, Viz Maurogiovanni, John Stowell, Gio Lombardi, Fabio Mariani, Jeff Richman, Paul Bollenback, Cathy Segal Garcia, and many more.
He has performed in various festivals and jazz clubs with lots of incredible musicians such as: John Stowell (R. Towner, L.Coryell, L. Hampton), Jeff Richman (M.Stern, D. Grusin, Frank Upper), Paul Bollenback (Grammy Awards), Sivan Rotem (Paul Bollenback, Stranahan Ari Hoenig), Giovanni Lombardi (Professor G.iT, Valley College of Music), P. Esposito (Steve Grossman), Cathy Segal Garcia, Jack Wilkins, F. Pompeo, Fabio Mariani, Michele di Toro and many more to come.
In 2012 he recorded and published "LAMENT" by John Stowell  (winner of  "Down Beat") by the label WIDE SOUND PRODUCTION JAZZ.
Lately  is also teaching modern guitar at "ACADEMY OF MUSIC OF TEMPLES" in Chieti and at ACADEMY OMO OLORUN.
Further to his multi-faceted training, in 2009, he obtained a degree in Law at the University of Teramo. 

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