Guitarist, arranger and Mexican composer.

Jean Paul Bideau began its musical journey when he was 12, playing his dad's acoustic guitar at home. At the age of 15, realizing this was what he wanted to do, he started taking lessons with some of his favourite musicians like Martino Shramm and Eduardo Piastro (Escuela Superior de Jazz, Mexico). He’s currently taking classes with Ernesto Cortazar.
At the age of 18 he started playing clubs, but his professional career started when at 21 when ha started playing with great Latin artists such as Niurka Curbelo, Yuri, Ricardo Montaner, Noelia, Jan, Amanda Miguel and Diego Verdaguer, Amaury Gutierrez, Sentidos Opuestos, Lynda, Belinda, La Quinta Estación, Fey, Alexander Acha, Luis Fonsi, Alejandra Guzmán, Alejandro Sanz, David Bisbal, Tommy Torres, Emmanuel, Fey, among the others.
In 2008 his friend Alex Gómez invited him to play with Tom Coster, he considers this to be one of the best gigs of his career.
Some artists he recorded with: Radio Kaos, Ana Gabriel, Jan, Alex Gómez, Belinda, Ricardo Montaner's live DVD Luna Park, Carlos Baute, Ana Cirre, Jorge Muñiz, Yuri, Fey (Primera Fila), Pepe Hernandez, Mercury, Batarse, Timbiriche (musical), Magneto, Dugali, Rio Roma, Jeans, Peewee, Pedro Julio Avilés.
He is currently Musical Director of RIO ROMA, also playing with FEY, PEEWEE, DAVID BISBAL (in Mexico), PEDRO JULIO AVILÉS and ALEX GÓMEZ.
His first solo album fulfilling his dream is “En Mi”, embodying his influences as a guitarist into his compositions, with many special guests such as TOM COSTER (Santana, Vital Information), SCOTT KINSEY (Tribal Tech, Zawinul Legacy Band), LUDOVICO VAGNONE, (Alejandro Sanz, David BIsbal, Estopa), and his great friends ALEX GÓMEZ, PEPE HERNÁNDEZ, PEDRO JULIO AVILÉS, ALFREDO PINO, HIRAM ARENCIBIA, JORGE BRAUET, FEDE BARRAGÁN, PINACA, ROGER HUDSON and JORGE PACHECO.

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