Koichi Yabori started his career with his leader group “Fragile” since 1990. 
Since then Fragile has released more than 10 albums and DVDs.
Actually he plays in his new leader group “'Fazjaz.jp” giving a personal feel to jazz tunes with his own clean and distorted tones.  
Koichi has been recognized as one of the most important and influential jazz guitarists in Japan.

"DV Mark is the best in the universe!" – says Koichi – "Multiamp has the best functional usability in programmable amp I have ever tried."
"The DV Jazz 12 is the BEST JAZZ AMP! I have been looking for a jazz amp like this for such a long time. Every jazz guitarists around me love DV Jazz 12, and everyone love its lightest weight too. DV Jazz 12 is truly the first amp which is able to play jazz right even with solid body guitars."

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