Solo artist, Patti Cathcart, Tuck and Patti, Michael Manring, Alex Acuna, Biagio Antonacci.

Paolo Giordano is considered one of most innovative modern acoustic guitarists, and a master of fingerstyle, tapping and advanced techniques.

In 1991 he took part in Lucio Dalla’s "Cambio" tour, opening the concerts with a medley of his own compositions. Dalla described Paolo as “one of the best European guitarists.” 

Since then he has performed at the most important Italian and European festivals, sharing the stage with the world’s best acoustic guitar players. He has also toured in the US and across Europe. 

Paolo produced two CDs as a solo artist—“Paolo Giordano” and “Kid in a Toyshop” —with very special guests including Patti Cathcart, Tuck and Patti, Michael Manring and Alex Acuna. He has also collaborated with Italian artist Biagio Antonacci.

In 2005, a transcription of Paolo’s song “First Pint” was included in “Master Anthology of Fingerstyle Guitar Vol. 3,” published by Mel Bay Publications.

In September 2008, Paolo was named “best Italian acoustic guitar player” by InSound magazine. Around that time he released a new CD called “Have You Seen the Roses?” on which he reinterpreted the songs of Pink Floyd founder Syd Barrett, joined by Frank Gambale, Michel Cusson, and others.

In addition to being a master of the acoustic guitar, Paolo is also an accomplished electric and lap steel player. To amplify his electric instruments, Paolo has chosen the DV Mark DV40 112 combo.

Paolo says: "It’s the sound that makes the difference! And the DV Mark DV40 212 combo DOES it!  A great sound from a such lightweight amp!”

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