Srečna mladina, Adam, Gušti, DMP, Tinkara Kovač, Laibach, Dan D, Andraž Hribar, BFM

Peter Dekleva was born in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 1977. He started playing guitar at the age of 14 and has received no musical education. At the beginning he started his own local bands with which he played all over the country, and soon he started receiving more serious job offers for touring both at home and abroad.

For many years, Peter has been playing guitar, touring, composing, writing, producing and recording for many major Slovenian acts. He is currently a member of Srečna mladina, Adam, Gušti, DMP and Tinkara Kovač, and has also worked with Laibach, Dan D, Andraž Hribar, BFM, and others.

Peter has worked on over 40 albums, as well as music for movies, TV shows and theater productions. His style is often described as unique and passionate.

"Since I've been one of those vintage freaks for years, I've rarely been surprised by modern gear. Especially the amps,” says Peter. “When I first heard about the DV Mark inventions, I took it with caution and a bit of mistrust—until I had the opportunity to try one. Immediately you get your ass kicked by the clean and smooth tone, which is, yes, what you expect from an all tube amplifier, but still… And the deeper you get in into it, the more you discover. I'm still impressed by the versatility of these amps. The Continuous Power Control lets you wander freely and safely through different soundscapes and musical genres. You can rock really hard at low volumes, or play soft and tender with the volume knob turned up, and you can always feel the perfect tonal balance of the amp. One of the most important things about the DV Mark amps is that they are new and practical, but sound vintage and modern at the same time. It's definitely a must for every guitarist!"

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