Robbin Blanco is a mexican guitarist. He graduated at the Escuela Superior de Musica del Centro Nacional de Artes in Mexico City and later on made his master’s degree with professor Alvaro Perri at Université Laval in Quebec, Canada where he graduated with the highest honors.

Currently he composes, makes musical arrangements and is preparing his new solo album with interpretations and original compositions. Robbin Blanco presents concerts with ensembles, orchestras, classical guitar repertoire and original compositions for guitar. His projects are: ROBBIN BLANCO 3, DUTANGO  and GUITAR WARS PROJECT.

In the composition field, the media has described him as "a creative composer who spreads adrenaline with his music and combined ideas. It sounds like jazz, rock and classical music, although the latter is more present in the technical melodically guitar sound through improvisations coated, energy, musicality and virtuosity". The album Robbin Blanco 3 TRANSITION is a mixture of sounds and very high level techniques, rhythms, colors, atmospheres, attractive melodies and original improvisations very well combined with great performances and improvisations of the musicians Kike Escalante and Sergio Aguilar. "That curiosity to try and explore, and say it with an almost savage explosiveness, makes Robbin Blanco’s music catch you." Diario de Yucatan, Mexico.

Robbin says about DV Mark: "Gorgeous!!! Clarity, versatility and professional amplification”.

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