Samuel Sciarra is an Italian guitarist, composer and music educator. One of the most influential guitar educators on Youtube Italy.

He studied at the prestigious CPM in Milan. Over the years he has participated in several seminars of great guitarists such as: Franco Cerri, Jimmy Bruno, Alessio Menconi, and masterclass of writing soundtracks held by Hans Zimmer.

He has taught in many Italian music schools and colleges and now collaborates with Alessio Menconi at his Online Academy.

After playing in numerous cover bands in prestigious Italian clubs, since the early 2000s he has intensified his collaboration with the theater and written soundtracks for many famous theater companies including: The Odin Teatret, The Potlach Theater, and The International events. Theater Festival, The Milano Photo Week with which he performs as a guitarist and actor throughout Italy and Europe. For some years he has also been involved in sound design for videos and games.

"After years of research and experimentation I finally found the Jazz guitar sound I've always had in my head."—said Samuel—"Great amplifiers for manufacture and quality, DV Mark is the pride and the flagship of Made in Italy in the Music world. "

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