C 112 Standard

C 112 Standard

Product code: c-112-standard

Marco De Virgiliis created a revolution in bass speaker cabinets when he started using neodymium speakers, making cabs about half the weight they were before. All other manufacturers have followed suit and neodymium is now the new normal. Bass players will never look back. But guitarists have become understandably jealous, and it’s about time they enjoyed lighter gear. Tone and reliability are the top priorities. But light weight is a very welcome bonus!

The C 112 Standard features one of our proprietary neodymium-magnet speakers in a full-sized cabinet. Being larger than our Mini and Small 1x12 cabs, it can physically manage any of our DV Mark heads. And since it’s capable of handling 150 watts, it can handle their power as well.

With a wide body, open back and Italian poplar tone-wood, it has impressive low-end, warm midrange and clear highs. And as with all of our neoloaded cabs, it’s lightweight, of course!

SPEAKER SIZE: 1x12” Neodymium DV Mark Custom
CABINET: open back
WIDTH: 635 mm / 25"
HEIGHT: 432 mm / 17.01"
DEPTH: 309 mm / 12.17"
WEIGHT: 8.8 kg / 19.4 lbs

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