C 412 FG

C 412 FG

Product code: c-412-fg

Guitar legend Frank Gambale's signature 4x12” is a closed-back, slant-top cabinet featuring “White Star” DV Mark custom speakers and a beautiful blue-grey finish. It provides a great combination of punch, clarity and detail, and delivers exactly what your amp is delivering. This cabinet offers mono or stereo functionality (8 ohms mono / 2x16 ohms stereo) and with its impressive 600 watts power rating, can easily handle any amp head with lots of headroom for performances on any size stage or venue.
4x12” guitar cabs are generally heavy and hard on the back but now, thanks to the DV Mark lightweight design this is no longer an issue. The ultra light C 412 FG cab weighs only 21,4 kg / 47.18 lbs, making it incredibly easy to carry around and set up.

Frank chose neodymium speakers for the DV Mark amps from many samples that were made to deliver various tones. The “White Star” speaker was chosen because its tonal qualities met his tastes accurately. The great balance between low and high frequencies, and their clarity, reproduce Frank's signature amp sounds perfectly.

SPEAKER SIZE: 4x12” Neodymium "White Star" DV Mark Custom
IMPEDANCE: 8 ohms (mono) or 2x 16 ohms (stereo)
CABINET: slant top, closed back
WIDTH: 706 mm / 27.80"
HEIGHT: 791 mm / 31.14"
DEPTH: 368 mm / 14.49"
WEIGHT: 21.4 kg / 47.18 lbs

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