DV7 Booster

DV7 Booster

Product code: DVE133013Y


Every guitarist has use for a clean boost and EQ pedal—don't let your pedalboard be without one. The DV7 BOOSTER pedal has a relatively compact design and combines a clean Boost (very handy for helping you stand out when taking a solo or driving an amp into overdrive) with a 7-band graphic EQ to tailor your guitar tone.

The seven band graphic EQ is very useful to modify the tone of your instrument, giving you everything from subtle to extreme sound options. The seven frequency bands were specifically chosen because they are the most commonly used for tailoring guitar tone: 50Hz for drop-C tuning, 100Hz for heavy rhythm, 250 Hz and 400 Hz shape the lower mids to give body and depth to the sound, 800Hz can be used for boosting for solos and/or power chord rhythms or cutting for scooped tone and/or heavy rhythm, 1.6 kHz can help you
cut through the mix or cut for high end scooped tone, 4 kHz is for more presence and touch dynamics. Each band can be boosted or cut over a +/-16dB range.
In addition, EQ can also be very useful to eliminate feedback on your acoustic instruments.Input: mono: ¼” jack
Input impedance: 1 Mohm /6 Vpp

Output: mono: ¼” jack
Output impedance: 470 ohm /6 Vpp

Boost Gain Level: from 0 to+20 dB

7-band graphic EQ (+/- 16dB): 50, 100, 250, 400, 800, 1600, 4000 Hz

Power requirements:+9/+12VDC or standard 9V battery

Product specifications are subject to change without notice

Product Discontinued

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