Guitar Tube Marker

Guitar Tube Marker

Product code: guitar-tube-marker

Rich, tube amp-like overdrive with true bypass and a simple control layout

Plug into a Guitar Tube Marker and you won’t want to put your guitar down. It gives you a rich, natural tube amp-like distortion that is touch-sensitive and preserves your guitar’s tone and note definition. Use it to drive a tube amp to the edge of distortion, or run it into a clean channel and let the pedal do the work. It has plenty of drive so you can dial in anything from a subtle OD to a saturated tube OD. It has plenty of level to overdrive a tame tube amp. True bypass switching.Like all our products, the DV Mark Guitar Tube Marker is manufactured using the highest quality components to give you years of great tone!

Input Impedance: 1.5 Mohm / 6 Vpp

Drive: +47dB (maximum gain)

Tone: from 200 Hz to 2.5 Khz

Level Output: 0 to Max

Output Impedance: 100 ohm / 6 Vpp

DC input:
+9/+12VDC or standard 9-volt battery

81.8 x 54.8 x 124.5 mm / 6.7” x 5.7” x 2.4”

Weight: 350 gr / 0.77 lbs

Product specifications are subject to change without notice

Product Discontinued

No specifications available at the moment

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