Triple 6 new release

Triple 6 new release

Product code: triple-6-new-release
This new 2012 release of the popular three-channel Triple 6 head adds new features to this DV Mark top-of-the-line tube head. Like the previous version, it offers three completely independent channels and 120 watts of pure tube tone from two massive KT88 tubes. We've added “hi-gain” switches on channels 2 and 3 that allow you to toggle the amp between Bad Boy 120 tonality and the more aggressive Triple 6 gain levels. Rock and metal guitarists need look no further!
We've also added MIDI ports to the already multi-function footswitch! The footswitch that is included with all DV Mark three channel heads (Bad Boy 120 and Triple 6) switches channels, activates the Solo function (fixed boost), and controls the FX loop... Plus it automatically memorizes the configurations you choose and stores them in memory until the next power-on. And in the new release we've added MIDI ports for greater switching options.
The Triple 6 has a built-in system that automatically biases AND matches the output tubes (if the tubes are within 20%)! No more trips to your service tech for biasing! Our unique patent pending Advanced Tube Control System allows you to hook up to the optional DV Controller to collect cool and useful information such as power amp voltages, bias current, tube life and more! This feature is unique to DV Mark!
Power Output: 120W

Preamp Tubes:
4x ECC83

Power Tubes:
2x KT88
1x ECC83

Channels: Three

Controls (each ch) : Gain - Master - Presence-Solo

EQ Controls (each ch) : Low - Mid - High (passive)

Speaker Outputs:
> two 8 ohm (or one 4 ohm)
> two 16 ohm (or one 8 ohm)
> one 16 ohm

Other Features:
> Loop Assign rotary control
> Effect Send level control / Mix
> Bias (low/high switch)
> MIDI ports
> Hi-Gain switches on channels 2 and 3
> Smart Controller
> Service ATCS interface (optional)

DV Mark amps/combos are manufactured to be sold and used in the country of purchase, and they are factory preset to that country’s voltage.
Due to homologation issues, the voltage may not be changed.

Product specifications are subject to change without notice

Product Discontinued

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